More Spending More Breaches and Disturbance

Why Are Internet Disturbances and Data Breaches On The Rise?

Security – American’s buy stuff to solve their problems.  This time it is not working.  As more’s spent, more breaches and disturbances occur.

Hackers are enabled by one technical setting that when changed will shift the balance to the good guys – learn about it!

Hackers are currently able to connect to any device on the Internet because the default Time-to-live is set way too high. Imagine putting a “choker chain” on a server containing valuable data, keeping all it’s communications inside the data center. “It’s like running out of money across tollways”, the toll-taker, or router discards packets when the offered value goes to zero. Even if a firewall fails devices with a low TTL setting cannot communicate outside the data center.

That means even if a hacker has user credentials – they can’t even get a login prompt to enter a stolen or lost username and password.

There is a major answer to turn the tide.  It requires little work or time to implement. Internet Protocol (IP) Time-To-Live (TTL) field in most devices can be easily changed to deny hackers a login prompt.  The concept is simple, it is easy to do, but convincing organizations they don’t need to spend millions on sophisticated security equipment is a near impossible task. There is a buying frenzy toward sophisticated security products making anyone offering a free best practice to help solve security breaches and disturbances sound too good to be true.

Knowledgeable technologists agree that Hop Sphere Radius Security, widely implemented will turn the tide.

Dr. Harry Saal, Founder Network General, Creator of the Sniffer Network Analyzer, Technical Enforcement for DOJ Antitrust case against Microsoft, said of Hop Sphere Radius Security: “this is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly, not only in governmental circles” Harry Saal Bio

Learn how it works.

Within one year the industry will be intelligently managing Time-to-live (TTL) providing the following benefits:

Within one year the industry will be intelligently managing Time-to-live (TTL) providing the following benefits:

  1. Databases will only communicate inside the data center – now they can communicate around the world.
  2. Security Cameras can only be accessed from their owner’s network – even when using default username/passwords.
  3. Email Servers will no longer accept mail from far away hackers containing virus, malware or trojans.
  4. US Military Web Servers will no longer be accessible from Russia or China.
  5. User machines will no longer connect to far away Web Servers beyond the “Rule of Law”

Intelligent Time-to-live management termed Hop Sphere Radius Security will stop the wholesale raiding of America’s High Value Data. Sophisticated security tools, now overloaded by nuisance script kiddies run from the deep web in far away countries will then be able to track more serious hacker activity within the rule of law more effectively, with greater granularity and fidelity.

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