Lower hack exposure risk from 100% to less than 1%?

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Do some servers contain more sensitive data?

Which Back-end Servers are your Golden Goose?

Do Back-end servers need to be able to communicate to devices in remote countries Beyond The Rule of Law?

Does your Golden Goose communicate to the Other Side of the Firewall?

Is your Golden Goose Server able to communicate in the Red Zone?

Hackers operate in remote countries Beyond the Rule of Law. Why is your Golden Goose able to reach and be reached from remote countries where the FBI can't enforce?

How do you keep your Golden Goose safe in its Nest?

If compromised could your server deposit Golden Eggs in a hacker's server in a remote country - Beyond the Rule of Law?

Web Servers are hardened, protected and purposed to be Internet facing. Databases and other back-end servers are more vulnerable and should be protected from the Internet.

Isn't it time to Neuter the Golden Goose?

40% of data losses may have been avoided by a Golden Goose Security implementation.

Basic Hop Sphere Radius Options

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Internal Threats

Updating O/S on Internet
Communicating through firewall to update Operating System opens to threats. Stop Golden Goose Servers from Internet, VPN and Organization access when not required.
Updating Software
Updating software by direct access to the Internet opens to threats
Nefarious Internal User
Internal user may harvest sensitive information from Golden Goose Servers
Internal Virus
If infected by a workstation or other server that has access it is one step closer to compromise.
Our Internal Solution

Allow only local Ethernet connections or contain connections inside the Data Center. Most back-end servers do not need direct access to the Internet or the entire internal network and vice versa. Design, support and audit to ensure compliance regardless of firewall protections.


VPN Threats

VPN Extension
If a VPN is extended beyond intended users, anything accessible is vulnerable.  Limit Golden Goose Server from access by VPN users.
Virus Spread
VPN users can open data center to virus threats.
Unauthorized VPN Use
Unauthorized VPN users don’t need a badge or physical access to gain access. A lost or stolen VPN Firewall could allow threats if VPN users allowed to access Golden Goose Servers. If VPN can’t access Golden Goose it is less vulnerable.
VPN Users
VPN users should not be able to access the Golden Goose by locking it down to restrict off data center communications.
Our VPN Solution

Restrict VPN users and the Golden Goose Servers to a smaller more reasonable communications radius.  VPN users don’t need global access. And locking down communications radius ensures VPN users have no/limited access to Golden Goose servers and the entire Internet at the same time.

ISP Threats

Nefarious Authorized Users
Authorized users know where the data is and its value. Making sure the back-end Golden Goose server is not reachable directly improves data security.
ISP Session Interception
Ads and malware are spread through ISP session interception to deliver replacement ads. Design a limitation for Golden Goose servers to access VPN Clients.
ISP Eavesdropping
ISP’s might scan clear-text data as it passes and know where your organization is vulnerable, and even if it is for marketing purposes such data in the wrong hands is threatening to the security of your data.
Firewall Mistakes
ISP’s have access to your systems and can eavesdrop on communications. Making sure your Golden Goose is not directly accessible is essential. Limiting the communications radius on the machine itself insulates from firewall mistakes.
Our ISP Solution

Locking down a Golden Goose Server’s communications radius, regardless of firewall functions improves the security of Golden Goose Data. Keeping the Golden Goose off the radar of data gathering ISP’s makes it safer.

Internet Threats

International Hackers
Locking down the Golden Goose back-end Server from any or limited international Internet access dramatically reduces the target opportunity.
Locking down Golden Goose Servers keeps honest competitors honest and the dishonest out of your data.
Terrorists and Extortionists
Locking down Golden Goose servers provides orders of magnitude additional security than only using firewalls.
Virus and Malware
Locking down the Golden Goose back-end server means its difficult to infect it or if it is infected by internal means, it simply cannot communicate to the Internet to connect to a nefarious harvesting host on the Internet.
Our Internet Solution

Neutering the Golden Goose itself from communicating beyond its local segment, the Datacenter, VPN, ISP or distant Internet beyond your region, or nation/s keeps it safer from places where the Rule of Law makes it near impossible to protect, report or convict wrongdoers.

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